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Welcome to my website


Despite all of the different forms of media available today, books still remain as popular as ever. There's something about the physical touch and feel of a book.  It gives a sense of substance to the material contained within. A book is universal - it needs no wires, screens or apparatus.  And there's no danger of it evaporating in a cloud of electrons when IT takes a holiday. 

Writing is an immensely absorbing and therapeutic past time, as I'm sure many of you would agree. It provides an opportunity to freshen-up all that trivia we accumulate over the years and deploy it in our scribings in hope that it might provide some entertainment value. I started writing a few years ago after realising I'd probably spent many decades with a frustrated author lurking within, unbeknown to me.

Do feel free to email me and chew the literary fat on any aspects of writing.

Thanks for visiting.

Julian Bonser

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