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Authoring Services

Biography Services:

Let me write a sparkling account of your life and times. I'm able to produce the book end to end, including jacket design, supply of ISBN number, printing, submission to Amazon and Nielsen Book Data.

Don't allow an interesting life to gather dust inside your head - let others read and enjoy your rich experiences - whatever they might be!


Website Content:

Whatever your website is promoting, it will do so more effectively with creative, well written narrative content. I can create buzzy copy for all occasions - and without the spelling and grammatical mistake that spoil so many websites!


Leaflets, Flyers and Advertising copy:

Snappy, succinct, well focussed wording is key in getting the message across. It's a form of creative writing I both enjoy and excel at.


Ghost Writing:

Do you have a story in your head you'd like to get into book form, but don't quite have the wherewithal to write it yourself. As your ghost writer, I can take all of the material and form it up into a compelling novel, ostensibly written by yourself. Your idea may be good, but unless the book's well written, it could fail to entertain the reader.



Are you wanting to write a special letter to someone, but might struggle to give the impact and convey all of your emotions and feelings effectively? Let me write the words for you. Not only will it make you look good on paper, but the recipient will completely grasp the essence of what you are trying to convey.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and the costs of these services.


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