Celebrity Nightmare!

'Young Annie Sedgwick reached for the stars, but

suddenly found herself heading for the gutter!'


By the tender age of three, Annie Sedgwick was experimenting with Mummy's lipstick. Aged seven, she had her own junior makeup set - complete with false eyelashes. Soon she was overdosing on reality shows, and by age eleven was obsessing over A-list female stars, mimicking their looks and affectations, and buying the merchandise. At school she stayed aloof, regarding her classmates as lesser mortals.

Aged sixteen and unqualified, she got sales work in Marie's fashion boutique - but despised her colleagues' lack of ambition. And at home she mentally derided her parents' and neighbours' humble existences. Because Annie Sedgwick knew she had 'greatness', a view supported by the dodgy duo from Mecca Enterprises. Groomed for stardom, her on-the-job training entailed dining with VIPs - clients from an escort agency. Little did she know!

Her first big assignment propelled her into the big league - Annie was ecstatic. But the naïve young teenager's dreams would become nightmares, as evil forces from the sewer turned her into 'damaged goods' for exploitation in the flesh trade. 






** Quotes From between the Covers **


  ‘But Annie had no interest in drawing, flower pressing, ponies or Edit Blyton books.’

 ‘Nerdy males in flasher-macs would sidle uneasily to her door after sundown.'

  ...however ugly, strange, skinny, obese, socially unacceptable or downright unsanitary.’

  'And Craig, remember, my name is Fantazyah when it’s just you and me...'

 'Short blond hair, late 40s, a good figure with a large but very tired bust, and a hard face.'

 ' A popular show, Urban Celebrity sought out oddball contestants from all walks of life.'

  'On the bed lay a large pile of photos of young girls – all virgins.'

  'There’s only one problem, Mum, they said I’d have to have a boob-job.'

  Mid-forties, two days’ stubble, breath and clothing that stank of cigarettes – and dirty nails.'

  'Realistically she looked like a ditzy teen who’d raided her older sister’s wardrobe.'

 'A scruffy tot with ice-cream round his mouth asked Annie if she was a film star.'

  'A celebrity assignment in the United Arab Emirates with a real Sheik. It seemed unreal!'

  'Dr Robertson will give you an 'examination', luv - it's routine for all new trainee celebs...'

  'Annie’s head spun with euphoric release as the spirit of Fantazyah infused her body.'

 'His mouth dropped open, his eyes became glazed, and his face went into deathly repose.'

 'We’ve been told that if you don’t please him, you and your parents will be shot dead!'

  'Aged eighty-seven, he’d lived life to the full, indulging every far corner of hedonism.'



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