CrimeWorld Sin-dication!

'Drugs, Stolen goods, Call-girls, hot-shot Jake Katz forged a respectable career out of organised crime'


Jurgis Katavushnik grew up in the harsh industrial outbacks of Kaunas, Lithuania, and vowed to escape poverty through education. At Vilnius University, he excelled in both the classroom and bedroom, winning himself a green-eyed beauty, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. But class divides drove a wedge between them, and heavy hearted, Jurgis left to find success in London’s square mile as a high-flyer in business and finance. However, the streets weren’t paved with jobs, and disillusioned, Jurgis got casual work near to his digs in Bethnal Green - where doors started to open. They were illicit doors, but as a frustrated business man wishing to succeed legally and ethically, Jurgis turned a blind eye to the criminal aspect, and enthusiastically applied his university training in leveraging profit. Firmly in denial he’d descended into organised crime, Jurgis built up his empire of illicit goods and services, becoming a respected neighbourhood figure – who satiated his lustful needs with the many willing local women. Now expanding into adjacent territories, he felt invincible. But the bubble would soon burst, serious cracks starting to appear in Jurgis’ make-believe world of legalised crime…






** Quotes From between the Covers **


  ‘... blood oozing from around his eyes, his nose, and from the corners of his mouth.

 ‘...whose delightful assets were best enjoyed by a log fire on a bear-skin rug.'

  Eyes like slits, he formed his hand into a gun silhouette and aimed it at Jurgis’ face.'

  'who more often than not were horney young business-women power-dressed to the nines.'

 '...just room enough for Jurgis to sidle through sideways without chafing her ample curves.'

   'But the act of nonchalantly resting his hand on her knee ignited a fuse best left unlit.'

 '...traded commodities, be it cars, computers, rice - or flesh. Or produce from Colombia.'

 '...a colossal stomach, and multiple chins that cascaded down her neck like molten toffee.'

  '...middle-aged married men whose libido had been dulled by stretch-marks and cellulite.'

  'She smiled demurely - 'I hold burning matches against my skin for as long as I can bear it'.’

  ' He pondered where he’d find women with a fetish for young, good-looking male amputees.'

  ‘Bernice grinned at Jurgis, "That’s right luv, from now on I’m just plain old Beryl Eggerton".’

  'Amil Patel got his teeth kicked in by four thugs who also stole the small brown packets.'

  'She belched noisily in his face, a vile mixture of partially digested cheese, pickle and gin.'

  '...and Harry Borrett, a big bruiser with warts all over his face, no front teeth and bald.'

  '... one of his top ladies, Fabiana Perreira, a Brazilian beauty, had acid thrown in her face.'

 'They found his left leg in the gutter and his right arm on the pavement across the road.'

 'Her waking face resembled the surface of the Moon, her eyes a mass of concentric rings.'



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