Love in Five Dimensions

'A ripping-good romantic adventure'

David Jenner, at 59, had lived a self-indulgent, unproductive and uneventful life – very much the ‘grey’ man who’d pass you in the street un-noticed. He still lived in the large, shabby Edwardian house he and his family had moved to in 1949 - still slept in the same bedroom. And his career had been equally grey and unimaginative.

But all this was to change with dramatic consequences…

You reap what you sow, and David starts to realise that the sands of opportunity are running out, the poor yield of a misspent life now coming back to haunt him.  If that wasn’t enough to contend with fate then deals a devastating blow that leaves him feeling helpless to redeem his wasted existence.

That is, until unrequited love which had pained his tender heart at age thirteen, once more infuses his shallow soul, and offers respite from the deepening pathos that's closing in on him.

Now fired with romantic dreams David embarks a strange and poignant journey through the enigmatic mists of time back to 1958  - and Love’s Fifth Dimension.

                    ** Quotes From between the Covers **

  ‘She lunged forward clamping her hungry, wet, bloodied lips over his.’

 ‘A ghastly, cold numbness rose inside David’s torso…’

  ‘She lived in hope that casual love was the ticket to better things.’

  ‘It caught his attention - something that had captured his heart 46 years ago.’

 ‘This wasn’t au revoir - simply goodbye...’

  ‘Even the rancid stink of garbage in greasy alleys had its own fascination.’

  'He perceived a sea of faces silently tracking him like a cluster of radar dishes.'

  ‘Exiting the water so quickly as to leave a jelly mould outline of his body…’

  ‘He sucked up the magic stuff into a hypodermic large enough to ice a cake with.’

  ‘They gently embraced in a GOODBYE that quickly became HELLO!’

  ‘Nash smiled at David, her eyes writing him cheques his sickly body couldn't cash.'

  ‘…and a blackbird on the chimney pot sang “Sweet Adeline".'

  ‘His heart pounding to a frenzied ventricular fandango…’

  ‘Had her eye seen his eye looking at her eye?’

  'Celia flashed David a look full of disgusting promises and headed for Reception.'

  'She had a face that took two hours to put on and five minutes to take off.'

  'But slowly it filtered back, like salt water seeping into footprints on a sandy beach.



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