Miranda DuVelle

'At 18 Miranda DuVelle was the darling of Broadway's

nightspots. But she blossomed early - and faded fast...'


Aged thirty-nine and tired of her small-time life and lack of marital prospects in Rogersville Missouri, Ellenor Hudson upped-stumps and made for Granite City Illinois. Though tall, thick-limbed and rather plain, she had a sharp intellect and stoic personality. There she married, she and Dan blessed with a beautiful little girl called Miranda. A small child with auburn hair and emerald green eyes, she would quickly develop a remarkable aptitude for acrobatics and dancing. At ten Miranda was an accomplished performer at school concerts and local theatres. Aged 16, she was dancing in Broadway shows, and at 18 was signed by MGM. After a year in Hollywood she returned to NYC to WOW variety audiences. But  all that glittered wasn’t gold. Miranda ran the full gamut of conmen, exploitation and philanderers to be found in the seedy underbelly of Show Business. At just 20 years old she’d truly been through the mill, a lonely soul whom true love had eluded. Now dependent on substances, her dancing erratic, she slowly slipped from view. Was Miranda DuVelle dead or had she found love and happiness in a different spiritual world - that elusive Shangri La we all hanker for…?   









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