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Reviews - Love in Five Dimensions

What did readers think of this novel?

Here are some of the reviews and comments received

An Amazon customer signing themselves as 'Mo' left this review:

"A Gem" - I have recently read "Love in Five Dimensions" and found it to be a very good read, in fact a gem of a book. The novel had an original storyline and an unexpected ending. I look forward hopefully to Julian Bonser's next novel.

Andy Daniels, another Amazon customer left this comprehensive review:


"It's a ripping good drama" - I've just put this book down and I'm tempted to re-read it. It's knee deep in interesting characters and the story-line is totally unique - there's absolutely no recycled content. It's about this guy, David Jenner, who's a bit of a grey man and who's spent most of his life living a very average, non progressive life. He lives by himself in the West London semi once owned by his folks. Then one day he gets some serious bad news, and while he's figuring his life out, he unearths a poignant association with his life at 13 years old in 1958. It inspires David to search through time and try and reconnect with the romantic moment that made his teenage heart ache so many years ago. I can't say much more as it will spoil the story for you. Sufficient to say he goes on a very strange and enigmatic journey physically and spiritually. It's a really slick, well written tale with no padding or silly sub-plots, and there's an extremely enigmatic twist to the story that keeps you guessing. Unlike so many novels, this story concludes on the last page and I got a bit of a lump in my throat, but I was smiling. This author has a very readable stylistic, and the pace and economy of words, and snappy delivery of the storyline really kept me glued to the book.


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