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Reviews - Seeds that Kill

What did readers think of this novel?

Here are some of the reviews and comments received

Dr Dayo Abayomi, a Senior Consultant Gynaecologist at a well known private fertility clinic in London, had this to say on finishing the novel:

Seeds that Kill was such a thoroughly enjoyable read that I just had to recommend it to my colleagues and patients. I was immediately amused by the quirky anatomical and physiological account of the amazing PR muscle, and the story line took me through all the worst imaginable nightmares in infertility practice. The suspense was thrilling, but finally the hand of justice prevailed with an unexpected twist. I must commend you on your research which lent the story and medical scenarios an accurate and convincing illustration of the real life perspectives of the agony and ecstasy's of the infertility world. The different personalities of your characters were highly entertaining. Well done! I think Seeds that Kill could make a great TV series.

Mo from Eastcote, who's also read my first book, Love in Five Dimensions, left this review comment on Amazon:


'SEEDS THAT KILL' is an interesting and absorbing book cleverly written by Julian Bonser. It is a story that ventures into the world of IVF with a great deal of information on the subject matter and possible misuse of same. The storyline involves a mix of characters, some good, some quite the opposite, and ends with an unexpected twist. A good read and recommended.


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