Rogue Dentist!

'Female patients attending Ambrose Dupré's dental

surgery received a very special kind of 'filling'...'


Nadia Yilmaz was blessed with a full, curvaceous figure, captivating brown eyes, sensuous lips, beautiful brown hair, and a faultless middle-eastern complexion. In Nadia's mind, one thing marred her appearance - her teeth. They were sound and functional, but a little crooked and discoloured, and she yearned to have a set of Hollywood pearlies.

Her wish would be granted by the talented Ambrose Dupré, a handsome consultant orthodontist with striking good looks. Assisted by his exotic 'dental nurse', and a 'special' anaesthetic, Ambrose commenced the transformation. Visit on visit Nadia awoke to admire several more dazzling white teeth, thanks to the gifted Mr Dupré - though on surfacing each time, she felt strangely violated - as she'd been... No! that was ridiculous - and Nadia knew it.

In no time this charming, highly skilled dentist and his lovely assistant were like old friends to Nadia - people she trusted. But behind the mask lurked a man with rough-trade needs who ruthlessly plumbed the depths of depravity in exploiting the flesh for lurid personal gratification and commercial gain.






** Quotes From between the Covers **


  ‘Because the substance pumped into her arm wasn't a general anaesthetic at all...’

 'Slowly the dentist's chair, and Nadia, went horizontal, her wide-open eyes seeing nothing...'

 ‘Inside the small smoked-glass dome on the ceiling - was a high resolution video camera.’

  ‘...until the tips of his fingers started to go walkabout over her defenceless body.'

  ‘Harvey Coleman was a self-deprecating fat-boy, a jocular buffoon - but he had a dark side...'

 'It would be several days before he discovered £4,000,000 was missing from his account.'

  ‘...when a condom full of cocaine burst in her stomach on the way to Panama.’

  ‘...patients who had their morals, self-respect and inhibitions chemically stripped away.’

  ‘Such titillation wasn't for the likes of postmen, bus drivers or school teachers...’

  ‘Harvey pondered his planned night of lust that never was - his memory wiped by Erazathol!.

  'In the privacy of the loo the litmus paper turned a solid blue for Nadia. She was pregnant!'

  ‘To the sound of Heavy Metal, Ambrose played his hapless patient like a theme park.’

  ‘Images flashed across her mind like the flickering and buzzing of a faulty neon sign.’

  ‘One by one they entered the surgery - six large muscle-bound gay bikers from Essex...’

  ‘With the help of 10cc of clear liquid, Nadia would come to the party without a murmur.’

  'Soon, the salivating Erazathol-Ring members would discover the new pay-to-view flick.'



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