Seeds that Kill

'A tale of love, hate, retribution, incest - and murder'

For Nathan Harcourt, life was idyllic. As a young city professional he enjoyed the usual clichéd ‘work hard, spend hard, play hard’ ethos. But it emerged he had an intractable problem, one that progressively dogged his life, until against all odds, his loving, and seemingly invincible relationship with his beautiful partner Raziya, started to crumble. 

Unexpectedly a life-line was thrown by a well-wisher – gratis, no strings attached. In a heartbeat his life was redeemed - love and happiness back on track.  But it wouldn’t last. 

As now, his smiling benefactor had become the Devil incarnate, and set to collect their pound of flesh with sinister determination. Locked in a vice-like strangle-hold, Nathan is powerless to arrest his disintegrating life as it plummets downward in a fatal tailspin. 

And worse is yet to come – in the form of a wizened and deeply embittered female from Nathan’s past who will seek an eye for an eye with cold, calculated malevolence, play god with his life, and wreak genetic mayhem on his immediate and extended family. 

Bonds linking one generation to the next are so easily forged with a sigh, a moment of ecstasy, and the miraculous fusion of small cell clusters. But once created, a bloodline remains intact for all perpetuity, unbreakable by even the most powerful forces of Nature. In the life of Nathan Harcourt, this would engender a greasy pit of despair, vitriolic hatred, retribution most devastating, incest - and Murder.

                            ** Quotes From between the Covers **

  ‘Then came smacking, and blows from a clenched fist, and vile screamed expletives.’

 ‘... and her head gently swayed to the silent tune of a snake charmer's flute.’

  ‘A creepy doc had grilled him salaciously about his sexual habits.’

  ‘... a baby that said "I love you Mummy" with electronic excellence.’

 ‘His damaged eyes, now milky orbs, saw only darkness.’

  ‘... by request no shower, the aroma of a hot day's endeavour the ultimate aphrodisiac.’

  ‘Teasing his nostrils enigmatically and infusing his mind like a powerful opiate.’

  ‘Multi-coloured endorphins hit her bloodstream and took a ride to her womb.’

  ‘... her laughter manic, eyes vacant, open mouth revealing unsightly strings of saliva.’

  ‘She'd acquired the specimen from a pallid, spotty-faced fat-boy from Gravesend.’

  ‘Having produced thirty million duds, he left the container on the spot marked X.’

  ‘... tough, feisty women skilled at disguising rough-sex bruises with Max Factor.’

  ‘She had crooked teeth, a tongue-full of studs, grave digger's arms and lorry driver's hands.’

  ‘... but she was left with a legacy - one that needed medicating with Tetracycline.’

  'With a soft snap, the straining, elongated knickers detached from her foot.'

  'Gingerly she pushed the plunger home and dreamed of the patter of tiny feet.'



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