Singers and Saboteurs!

'Singing contest Shooting Stars kicked rival show

Vocal Hero into touch - and stirred-up the Devil...!'


Deprived of a loving up-bringing by his biological parents, Marcus Rockingham hankered for family life. He found this with Susan, and their daughter Melanie. But the marriage ended acrimoniously. Granted custody of Melanie, Susan and the child disappeared. Devastated, Marcus retreated into his passion for music. Alone at night he wrote thousands of songs to sooth his aching heart, songs no one would hear. That is, until impresario Craig Naysmith spotted Marcus’ talent and engaged him to produce ‘Shooting Stars’ a brand new singing competition. Re-born, Marcus powered forth. With a bevy of young talented contestants and a big bag of his finest songs he put together the mother of all shows. Innovative and highly entertaining, it featured stunning effects and sent a new world-class singer into orbit every week. But it also cast a shabby light on ‘Vocal hero’, dull, dated, and past its sell-by. Incandescent with hatred at having the show she’d given birth to trashed, Chief Executive Zaniter Kaufman, a woman harder than diamond, sought vengeance most heinous to bring down ‘Shooting Stars’.









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