The Organist!

'Evil transplant surgeon Dr Montenegro stole healthy

organs from the poor and flogged them to the rich...!'


Aged  four,  Antón was  dumped in the backstreets of San Fernando, Venezuela, by his foster mother Rafaela Guillermo. Just widowed and too poor to feed him, she left the boy with a label round his neck saying ‘I am Antón, please help me’. No one helped Antón. But with steely  determination he clawed his way out of the abject slum-land squalor.

By age 16, he’d taught himself to read and burned with an ambition to enter the field of medicine. Taking menial jobs in hospitals, Antón avariciously soaked up medical knowledge, in particular organ transplant techniques. Now a consummate expert and re-born, he conned his way into the profession as the illustrious Dr Alphonse Montenegro. 

For a  while he honoured the Hippocratic Oath. But crazed for wealth, he was soon pillaging organs from the bodies of trusting humble folk leaving their lives devastated, while callously selling their parts to mega-rich but sickly clients. What had gone round for this evil charlatan would soon come round  -   his nemesis only a scalpel-cut away!






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