Train Girls!

'They rode the Night Sleeper from dusk 'til dawn providing high-class mobile Personal Services'


Tallulah Smyth made a conscious decision to exploit the money-making gift that comes as standard equipment with every woman. She considered it a socially acceptable means of making a livelihood, reasoning that being wined and dined, and ending up in bed was no different to ending up in bed and receiving cash in lieu of the meal.

Skilfully, she started to extract money from her beaus - who remained in denial that they were really paying for personal services. One day, spotting a gap in the market, Tallulah set up shop on the Night Sleeper service to Scotland, attending to the needs of the weary business travellers. Twice weekly she left her friends and family persona at platform three in London, and retrieved it at platform eight in Glasgow.

At first, all went smoothly. But finding success can be a rocky journey, especially at 80 mph along the bucking and winding steel road. There were blackmail threats, pimps to deal with, brutal punters, sordid situations, strange requests, and murder - but nothing that Tallulah and her 'girls' couldn't handle using their consummate professional skills.






** Quotes From between the Covers **



  ‘She entered the trade with a business plan, made her own markets and took all the profits.'

  '...the man with the large dreamy eyes was soon dumping out an impressive wish-list.'

  ‘...her face pleasantly in repose, but on a hairline trigger to shoot a suggestive smile.'

 ‘Now Kevin was on a roll, his eyes seductive slits - voice oozing a husky, smoky come-on.’

  'When the alcohol-fuelled bawdiness was ripe for exploitation she'd turn on her meter.'

  'With its shiny cream and maroon livery, the Sterling Castle Night-Sleeper was her temple.

  ‘Having lost control, she had no option but to hang on 'til the end of the ride.’

  ‘... until he convulsed with pleasure, flopped back and said, "Thank you Mummy".’

  She’d then get out the second most important tool of her trade – her mobile phone'.

  ‘...and later a head was discovered between the tracks just south of Birmingham.’

  ‘ "Don't vorry sir, your credit card statement just say it vas for za food and za drink" .’

  To many, Tallulah was a Mother Confessor, to others a Therapist or an Out-reach Counsellor.'

  ‘The third woman was large, busty, and had the face of a well-seasoned boxer.’

►  ' then they were too steamed up to care whether they were buying a train ticket or love.'

  ' experience that he’d strive unsuccessfully to replicate with a totally disinterested wife.'

  ’Shyly he stood by the bed - little boy lost waiting to see what came next.'



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